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Queensland Government Grant

An archivirtual advantage

By Architecture, Inaspace, Technology

Inaspace prepared a powerful submission titled “An ArchiVirtual Advantage” late last year to the Queensland Government. We are excited to announce that we were successful and we are the recipients of a Small Business Digital Grant to explore Virtual Reality in Architecture!

We know this is the future of architecture and we are embracing this new technology.  By simply popping on a headset our clients will be able to immerse themselves and “walk” through a virtual 3-dimensional model of their new or refurbished bar, restaurant, club or home. This revolutionary tool opens up a whole new world of design opportunities for both client and architect.

The investment will ensure that Inaspace are leaders in the field. We welcome our clients to embrace this next step for Inaspace which we will unfold over the coming months as we are trained in this new technology.

Check out the video below for an insight into virtual reality!