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Appreciating local suppliers

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Since opening a new office in Melbourne last year we have found so many incredible local products and suppliers, so we thought we would share a few of our favourite hidden gems.

We recently stumbled upon Elegance tiles while searching for local tiles for one of our regional Victorian projects. The Elegance website is so intuitive to navigate which makes our job easier to select from their huge range. They have every bit of information you could need and have included descriptions of tile types (what on earth does rectified mean?!) as well as explaining important info about tile slip ratings – beautiful! We can’t wait to get some of their products in our projects.

Here are a few quick ones that we love.

Aboutspace is one of our go to suppliers with an incredibly large range of lighting at an awesome price point. They are also able to do custom lights for any bespoke projects! We would recommend going straight to their reductions page as they always have a lot of beautiful lights being discontinued at low prices.

We found Adelaide based furniture makers Senkki at Melbourne Denfair. Whilst cheap contemporary scandi designs are every where now, it’s refreshing to find local companies who can offer hand made furniture with Australian timber. Their quality craftsmanship is second to none and we really appreciate their attention to detail!

Finding quality suppliers and products we can rely on and trust is an important part of our job and we’re looking forward to seeing what new suppliers we find this year through all of the trade expo’s and exhibitions!

Check out our new VR Portal

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A few months ago we launched the new VR page of our website. This is a new portal for clients to view and experience their projects in a way like never before.

With our virtual reality software training from 2017 + 2018 (via QLD government tech grant for small businesses) the Inaspace team have been pumping out 3d virtual models like no tomorrow. Much like the 90’s computer game the Sims, our clients are now able to walk through their project on their own computer to get an idea of what their project will look like before construction even begins.

The VR portal page now allows clients to have a password protected link to their model 24/7 and can share with any other consultants or people involved with the project.

The web standalone versions of our models can be run on any computer with a WebGL2 compatible browser (refer to our VR portal for further instructions on how to install WebGL2 – but put simply WebGL2 allows for real-time interactive 3D graphics in the web browser).

These online versions are a lower resolution which means they can be viewed quickly and easily regardless of computer specifications. Ultimately this means we can send to our clients to view and approve a design much quicker than we could before and they don’t require high end graphics cards to view it. It’s a convenient way for us to communicate with the client so they know exactly where the design is up to at any given time.

The limitations of the web standalone version means that it can’t be used with VR equipment to see it in full scale, nor does it have live updates to change out materials or furniture selections etc – though this can still be done in office and is very much encouraged to ensure the client is 100% happy with the design.

We are so stoked with how quickly our skills have grown and what we are able to offer our clients compared to 2 years ago. The investment in this technology has certainly paid off as you can’t beat being able to see a project to full scale and making material changes which is instantly reflected in the model for the client to see.

We are planning to look into the next level of VR with interactive audio and hopefully down the track the software allows for interactive animations. Looking forward to seeing what our projects look like in another 2 years but for now check out an example of walking through one of our recent projects.

How our new renders compare to a completed project

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It’s always exciting to see the final product of a project you’ve worked months on but it’s also refreshing to see how close our renders end up being to the completed photos as this is something we strive to achieve in the design development stage to ensure out clients understand what the final build will look like! Here is a snapshot of our concept of KFC Edmonton compared to final photos!

Noosa holiday house design

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Not the style you’d expect to see at the beach, but we’re very excited to have our Noosa house project in construction – here is a sneak peek render of what it will look like when it’s completed next year!