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we are inaspace


We’re celebrating 20 years.

inaspace are proud to be celebrating 20 years of dreaming, designing and creating.

We’re creative.

Our strength and success comes from recognising that each client, site and location has a unique personality. We create fresh, inspiring and bespoke spaces and environments that are tailored to each user. Our ability to adapt to different styles and a willingness to collaborate with the client ensures that no two projects look the same.

Inaspace prides itself on having a creative and varied team, with previous design backgrounds ranging from fine arts, fashion, film + animation, just to name a few. These experiences highlight a diversity in creativity and knowledge and has enabled us to explore the built environment from many different perspectives.

We’re passionate

It could be said that that no one at Inaspace works. The team arrives at work each day inspired and more passionate than the day before!

We love what we do and love surrounding ourselves with people who continue to challenge, motivate and inspire us. At Inaspace we work as a team which encourages us to grow individually as designers.

We are constantly exploring world design trends and seeking innovative materials, processes and technologies – not just in the realm of architecture but in all design fields.

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From the macro through to the micro.

master planning
interior design
furniture design
visualisation +
virtual reality (VR) models

we deliver.

Since 2003, Inaspace architecture + design has been steadily building on its reputation. A reputation for listening to clients, forming partnerships and delivering ‘ideas of substance’.

What those years have taught us about the myriad design considerations unique to architectural and design projects can be distilled to the following:

To be successful, projects like this demand a greater amount of two things:

  • Experience and client collaboration.
  • Inaspace has acquired a wealth of the former because of our commitment to the latter. Experience and collaboration can achieve great things. Our website is an introduction to some of those achievements and the people that helped make them happen.

choose a job you
love, and you will
never have to work
a day in your life.

Inaspace architects brisbane

from our clients.

Over the last six years I have experienced the delight of Inaspace Architecture + Design being a
member of our project teams. They have played a key role enabling our projects to deliver
exceptional results to stakeholders. It would be amiss of me not to highlight the exceptional design
expertise that Inaspace Architecture + Design have displayed in all our projects, delivering what I
believe to be the best looking KFC’s in Australia.

Inaspace Architecture + Design strive to exceed expectations, which was highlighted in my recent
visit to their office where I was able to walk through a virtual representation of one of our new KFC’s
using their virtual reality equipment. The potential use of this technology is amazing, being able to
walk through a store rather than rely on 2D representations will impact on our store design and
deliver even better results for our customers and staff.

I am extremely happy to recommend the professional services of Inaspace Architecture + Design.

Graeme WhittakerDevelopment Manager, Collins Foods Limited (KFC QLD)

Inaspace are a great design partner for KFC, with a lot of expertise in the retail and restaurant field. They are a friendly and professional company to deal with across all aspects of the design phase. Certainly a reliable company that are always bringing new creative designs to our KFC stores, and challenging us to try new design solutions. We enjoy working with such a great company – it makes all the difference!”

Sandy HaywardKFC Brand Asset Manager, KFC Australia

I just wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart - for being such wonderful people to work with. Your ongoing support and enthusiasm for our project is so much appreciated. Thank you for helping my "dream" come to life.

Cathy McDonaldGeneral Manager, Sanitarium

Inaspace delivered it brief - To provide our company with premises which reflect our culture, market and the next chapter of our corporate story. Tania and her staff listened to us, worked with us, surprised us and at times challenged us. This has resulted in a design which has proved to be both interesting, yet practical, which our staff are proud of and our guests are impressed with.

George Bogiatzis Manager Director, Woollam Constructions

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for designing a home that we will enjoy living in...The process of building is known for its stress and tears, however, you managed our experience without either, which has to be a great outcome...I found working with your staff a delight as they were able to present the intangible in a very visual way.

Diarmid MackiehanBulimba Residence Owner

Tania and her team have been providing design and building solutions for our restaurants for the past 7-years. To date we have been delighted with the outcomes and trust we will continue to work together in the future.

Andrew McKinlayGroup Construction Manager, Collins Foods Limited (KFC QLD)