sportsman hotel.

The Sportsman Hotel is proof that it pays to continue to evolve and update your venue to offer their patrons the best experience possible. By completely transforming the old ‘mineshaft’ basement bar into “Nellies” – a new school industrial style bar, “Sporties” has seen an instant increase in profits and the hotel is already focused on making future design improvements in other areas. The demolition process revealed several hidden layers including bricks to the cold room and the mosaic floor tiles in the basement. Instead of covering them back up with selected finishes, it was quickly decided to keep the original materials exposed and celebrate the character of the building and prove that old is the new again. The bricks now provide a complimentary background for the new copper pipe feature to the back of the bar which is now a talking point among patrons.

COMPLETED 2015     CLIENT Sporties     BUILDER By Owner     PHOTOGRAPHER Camera Obscura