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Professional Development

Inaspace will soon offer virtual design services

By Inaspace

Last week the Inaspace team ventured into the future and attended Autodesk’s Virtual Reality event to learn about tomorrow’s technology. “The future of making things” showed us the 50 year old history of VR and gave insight into what’s to come. The gaming industry has been the platform to push VR into the public eye of late but benefits have been widespread for many industries including media + entertainment, manufacturing and of course architecture + design.

It wasn’t long ago that we were only dreaming of augmented reality and last night’s event has shown how quickly this technology has advanced. We were thrilled to finally experience VR first hand (albeit with some graceful stumbles) and it has made us even more passionate about investing our time into learning these technologies.

With the recent purchase of our own VR equipment, it won’t be long until we can immerse ourselves in the office, walking through our own projects whilst wearing stylish hygienic masks and laughing at each other some more. We will also be offering our clients VR walk-throughs and belly laughs very soon.