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Team bonding

Inaspace will soon offer virtual design services

By Inaspace

Last week the Inaspace team ventured into the future and attended Autodesk’s Virtual Reality event to learn about tomorrow’s technology. “The future of making things” showed us the 50 year old history of VR and gave insight into what’s to come. The gaming industry has been the platform to push VR into the public eye of late but benefits have been widespread for many industries including media + entertainment, manufacturing and of course architecture + design.

It wasn’t long ago that we were only dreaming of augmented reality and last night’s event has shown how quickly this technology has advanced. We were thrilled to finally experience VR first hand (albeit with some graceful stumbles) and it has made us even more passionate about investing our time into learning these technologies.

With the recent purchase of our own VR equipment, it won’t be long until we can immerse ourselves in the office, walking through our own projects whilst wearing stylish hygienic masks and laughing at each other some more. We will also be offering our clients VR walk-throughs and belly laughs very soon.

The ultimate list of must-see Melbourne cafes, bars and restaurants

By Architecture, Inaspace, Interiors

When you have the opportunity to fly to Melbourne, you take full advantage and that’s exactly what we did. The team took a trip a couple of weeks ago to visit Denfair – a design trade event which was a massive room filled with different suppliers of furniture, lighting, homewares, upholstery + fabrics as well as a selection of artists. It was great to be introduced to new brands – local manufacturers and products that we don’t have in Brisbane. We had a wander around and then headed back into Melbourne to check out the new trends.

We had set a rough list of cafes, restaurants and bars to visit and managed to get through quite a few every day leaving some time for spontaneous finds.

The perfect foodie day would begin with waking up early enough to get a good spot in line at Lune on Rose ST in Fitzroy for an amazing croissant or cruffin – baked in a glass box within an old warehouse. While you are there you may as well hang around for lunch down the street at Transformer – a must do restaurant for vegetarians! The fit out was befitting of the food served – very green inspired! Head on into the CBD to Oliver Lane for dinner at Lucy Liu which serves up INCREDIBLE Asian food. you’ll find an overload of timber battens, red lights and an open kitchen which is still the Melbourne trend it seems. If you’re still hungry / have another day in Melbourne / want to swap out veggies for a meat marathon then Gazi restaurant on Exhibition St is the way to go! Get the lamb to share and you will leave a very happy human.

We also managed to squeeze in some shopping, a trip to the theatre where seeing Matilda the musical brought back some childhood nostalgia, and we snuck into a few hidden bars that involved entering through a concealed laneway door, a freezer door and also a special knock to enter.

Inaspace lends an environmentally friendly hand

By Inaspace

The team have been busily working on numerous projects and to celebrate what will be a long hard slog, we have decided to give ourselves a mid year break and enjoy some live music together! Work hard, play hard they say and this will be team bonding at it’s finest…or muddiest! Either way, we cannot wait!!

We’ve also scored a spot with camp little foot (print)  which will see us getting to plant some trees while we are at Splendour! It’s a fantastic initiative and we are all keen as GREEN to get amongst a community of eco-friendly festival goers!

Just post it!

By Inaspace

The best way to get someone for April fools is to get them when they’re least expecting it…a whole week later! When asking the director what the caption should be, she replied “I don’t know, just POST IT!”  Lucky she has a great sense of humour!